Are you a life scientist interested in business or entrepreneurship? Do you wonder how game-changing decisions are made about our innovative discoveries once they leave the lab? Penn, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia University will host our 2nd annual regional case competititon (PYPC Case Competiton) on March 24th, 2023 (first round) virtually, and April 7th (second round) in person. It is our pleasure to invite YOU to participate Applications are now open here

This event is open to all graduate-level students, including those in professional degree programs and post-doctoral fellowships. Teams of 4-6 participants will compete in solving a real-world business problem. We highly recommend forming a team with diverse educational backgrounds. No prior business experience is required! Participants will have the opportunity to engage with judges from top-tier consulting venture capital firms. Cash prizes will be given to the winning teams, with the first-place team receiving $4,000!

We will be offering two virtual info sessions on Feb 27th and Mar 8th 7pm EST.The info sessions will give an overview of the case competition and facilitate team building among interested participants. We highly encourage you to register and attend at least one session if you do not yet have a full team. Please fill out the info session sign-up sheet if you plan to attend:link!


Case Competition FAQ

What is the structure of the case competition?

You will form a team of 4-6 members (2 MBA students max/team). If admitted into the First Round, your team will have ~1 week to solve the healthcare-related case prompt. Following, your team will present your proposed solution(s) in a 10-15 minute video presentation. More detailed information will be included in our manuals for competitors. If admitted into the Final Round, your team will present your solution in front of a live panel of judges on November 13th, 2021.

What if we don’t have MBA students in our team? Can we still participate in the competition?

Yes. You can participate as long as there are 4-6 members in your team.

How many teams will be admitted into the First and Final Rounds??

First Round: After the submission of the cover letter and resume, 15-18 teams will be admitted to the First Round.Final Round: After the submission of your team’s video presentation, 4-6 teams will be admitted to the Final Round.

I don’t have any consulting experience or business background. Can I still compete in the case competition?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage everyone who is interested in consulting to apply, regardless of whether you do or do not have prior consulting experience. It will be a great learning experience!

How can I find teammates?

We encourage teams to be formed through individuals you may know from your program, extra-curricular activities, lab, etc. Additionally, we will host two virtual coffee chats that will enable you to meet other interested applicants and form teams of 4-6.

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